How to Setup Guest Network For Linksys AC1200 Router?

Most of the users are very strict about their WiFi security because of that they don’t want to share their original password with their guests. Many of you feel awkward to provide their WiFi password to their visitors. To avoid this type of situation, you can setup a guest network which is mainly used for the limited access so that, they can’t make any changes with your WiFi settings. It helps client to keep anyone away from the other information of the Home Wi-Fi. Linksys Provides the easy way to setup the guest network for their routers. You just need to log in to the router settings via http://myrouter.local web address. 


Follow the steps to setup Guest Network for Linksys AC1200 

1.     Connect your laptop or desktop to the Linksys router either wireless or wired.

2.     Now, type myrouter.local in the URL bar of the browser and press enter.

3.     Enter the credentials like username or password to log in to the Linksys router.

4.     Now, you’ll see Linksys router dashboard on your computer screen.

5.     Select the ‘Guest Network’ tab and enable the Guest Network option.

6.     Now, you can setup WiFi name for your Linksys router’s guest network.

7.     Simply, type the Guest network SSID and the password you want to setup for your Linksys AC1200 router.

8.     Click ‘Save’ to apply the customized settings for your router.

9.     Reboot your Linksys router and check also if you have any latest update for Linksys AC1200.

10.     Now, you can provide the password to your guests without any worry.

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