Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Setup using Smart Setup Wizard

If you have a Linksys Router and want to setup the router then you can setup the router by using the Smart Setup Wizard in which there is No requirement of any CD and other software to setup the router. User can setup the all Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router by using the Smart Setup Wizard option. Checkout the easy steps to setup the router:

  1. User will get the external antennas with the router. Users have to connect the antennas to the router and then connect the power cable into the power source. Turn on the power switch of the router.
  2. Take an Ethernet and connect its one side to the Modem and the other side with the Internet Port of the router.
  3. Try to place the computer near to the router or same room. Now connect your Computer with the Wi-Fi.
  4. Now open any web browser and open the webpage or myrouter.local or default IP address
  5. Accept all the terms and conditions and then click on the “Next”.
  6. Now you will see the Window on your screen with the name of “Update for your router”.  Check the “Install future router updates automatically” and then click on “Next” Option.
  7. Now connect the computer with the new Wi-Fi name and then proceed to the Next.
  8. Users have to create new password after clicking on the “Next”. Now the setup procedure will start and after few minutes user will see the “Your Router is Set up” message on the screen.

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