Setup Myrouter Login

The advanced world is so snared to internet that when visitors come around, in the next minute, they ask about your WiFi password. But in most cases, people don’t realize that it might reveal their information and could be lead to open doors for hackers. For example, visitors might accidentally download third-party software or download the tracking cookies or malware on their phones or laptop via a local network. If any of your visitors download the malware in their devices, then all of your devices would be in security risk.

What are the advantages for setting up the guest network?

myrouter.local login

The guest network is the separate network for your Linksys router with the limited authority. Limited authority means if any of your visitors is connected to the guest network then they won’t be able to make any changes to your router settings. By setting up the guest network, your devices won’t download any of the malicious files in your main wireless network. To activate the guest network, you simply need to go into the settings. To do this, enter your router’s IP address in the URL bar of your program or you can likewise enter the IP address

Follow the step by step procedure to set up the guest network for Linksys router

setup guest network for Linksys Router

1.     Connect any of your devices like laptop, tablet or phone to the Linksys wireless network.

2.     Open any of the web browser on the same device. Enter myrouter.local or http://myrouter.local web address in the URL bar of the browser and press enter.

3.     If you’re not able to see the router login page, use the default IP address.

4.     A Linksys router login screen will pop up asking for the username and the password.

5.     Enter the username and the password which you’ve created before, click on login button.

6.     Once, you’re on the myrouter.local page. Go to administration settings and select the guest network option.

7.     Next, enter the SSID (network name) and the password for guest network.

8.     The password should be minimum 8-32 characters. User’s can also use the numbers in the password.

9.     Click on ‘Save’ button and wait for the router to make changes in the settings of the router.

10.    Reboot your router after that and try to connect any of your spare device with it to check if you’re getting internet connection from guest network.

Congrats, now you can share your guest network password to any of your visitor without any worries.