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Everything You Need To Know About Car Accident Lawyers In 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Car Accident Lawyers In 2023
Everything You Need To Know About Car Accident Lawyers In 2023

With a population of 39.24 million people, California is currently the most populated state in the United States. This population rate is one of the reasons why this state has an unfortunately high rate of car accidents. According to a recent report, California often experiences roughly 250,000 annual car accidents. More than 3,500 of these accidents are usually fatal. With this high accident rate, speaking with a reliable car or uber accident lawyer on how to avoid these unfortunate incidents is recommended.

The best California car accident lawyers, such as Banderas Law, don’t only help victims to create personal injury claims and negotiate fair compensation. In addition, you can also rely on these law firms to get advice on how to avoid falling victim to car accidents. Below, you’ll find a few things Banderas Law feels you can do to avoid car accidents today.

Factors that cause car accidents in California

1. Inattentive driving

Today, inattentive driving is one of the most common factors that cause car accidents in California. Of course, this factor can surface in several different forms. Distracted driving occurs when a driver’s eyes, attention, and even hands aren’t properly positioned for safe driving.

According to the top California car accident lawyers at Banderas Law, the best solution to this issue is that drivers must put safety first when driving. Putting safety first means they need to put everything in order before going ahead to drive their vehicles from one location to another.


2. Reckless driving

Apart from distracted driving, reckless driving is another factor that is most reported to be a reason for car accidents in California. Reckless driving occurs when a driver carelessly and endlessly drives their vehicle without putting their safety and that of others into consideration.

The lawyers for car accidents at Banderas Law feels the best way to avoid this issue is by remaining complaints with California’s rules and regulations regarding driving on public roads.

  • For instance, as a driver, you must always obey the state’s traffic laws.
  • Avoid drinking or getting high and driving.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid distractions when driving.
  • Avoid following another car closely and leave the appropriate in between the cars.

By following all these rules and many more, you can always avoid getting charged with reckless driving. If this happens, hiring a reliable auto accident lawyer, such as Banderas Law, may be your only way out of unnecessary charges.


3. Moving violations

Moving violations, which involves breaking certain driving rules and regulations while on motion, is another common cause of automobile accidents. Moving violation is a punishable offense under the California laws.  If found guilty, hiring a reliable lawyer for a car accident will be the only option for reducing your punishment.


4. Over speeding

Overspeeding also contributes to the high rate of car accidents, especially the fatal ones, in California. For instance,  on California freeways, the state law imposes a speed limit that’s lower than 65 miles every hour. Going above this speed limit is termed as overspeeding.

By overspeeding and causing accidents on California roads, you’ll most certainly be found negligent of a personal injury lawsuit. In this case, you’ll be charged with paying for every damage caused due to the accident. By hiring a reliable California car accident lawyer, such as Banderas Law, you may get a reduced punishment based on the state’s comparative fault laws.

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