How Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra Won Eurovision 2022 After Massive Support


Highlights of the Show 

Eurovision 2022 came with mixed feelings considering the war in Ukraine. Despite the chaos in their country, Kalush Orchestra won the contest.

The band replaced Alina Pash who withdrew earlier in February. 

The deafening ovation that greeted their entrance was enough support indication. 

“Please help Ukraine, Mariupol. Help Azovstal right now,” frontman Oleh Psiuk shouted from the front of the stage.

Judgment involved both Jury and public telephone voting. But jury voting was unfavorable to Ukraine, preferring the UK instead. The country initially took the fourth spot until the public came to their rescue.

There were other impressive performances. But for most people, their win in Eurovision 2022 wasn’t a surprise.

Ukraine’s victory reflected the continent’s support for the war-ravaged country. 

The ‘Stefania’ song by Kalush Orchestra, came first with 466 points. The United Kingdom’s entry by Sam Ryder took the second spot.

Ryder’s Space Man initially came first after a 283-Jury vote. 

But after public voting calculations, Stefana stole the show.

Chanel from Spain performed SloMo and came third..  

Stefania is a mix of rap and traditional folk music and was a tribute to Oleh Psiuk’s mother.

They pulled the heartstrings of the public with touching lyrics alluding to the war. 

“I’ll always find my way home, even if all roads are destroyed”.

Some other parts of the lyrics also pulled the emotions of people.

Earlier on Thursday, 12th May, Psiuk spoke to Reuters. “Any victory in any aspect is very important for Ukraine these days.

So winning the Eurovision Song Contest of course would lift the spirits of so many Ukrainians while we don’t have much good news these days,” he said.

What Countries Participated in Eurovision 2022?

Eurovision 2022 took place in Turin, Italy and featured 25 countries in the grand final. 

Here are the countries that participated, their entries and total points.

  1. Ukraine (Stefania by Kalush Orchestra, 631)
  2. United Kingdom (Spaceman by Sam Ryder, 466)
  3. Spain (SloMo by Chanel, 459)
  4. Sweden (Hold Me Closer by Cornelia Jakobs, 438)
  5. Serbia (In Corpore Sano by Konstrakta 312)
  6. Italy (Brividi by Mahmood & Blanco, 268)
  7. Moldova ( Trenuleţul by Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers, 253)
  8. Greece (Die together by Georgiadis Tenfjord, 215)
  9. Portugal (Saudade, Saudade by Maro, 207)
  10. Norway (Give that Wolf a Banana by Subwoofler, 182)
  11. Netherland (De Diepte by S10, 171)
  12. Poland (River by Ochman, 151)
  13. Estonia (Hope by Stefan, 141)
  14. Lithuania (Sentematai by Monika Lui, 128)
  15. Australia (Not the Same by Sheldon Riley, 125)
  16. Azerbamjan (Fade to Black by Nadir Rustamli, 106)
  17. Switzerland (Boys Do Cry by Marius Bear, 78)
  18. Romania (Llámame by WRS, 65)
  19. Belgium (Miss You by Jérémie Makiese, 64)
  20. Armenia (Snap by Rosa Linn, 61)
  21. Finland (Jezebel by Rasmus, 38)
  22. Czech Republic (Lights Off by We Are Domi, 38)
  23. Iceland (Með hækkandi sól by Systur, 20)
  24. France (Fulenne by Alvan & Ahez, 17)
  25. Germany (Rockstars by Malik Harris, 6)

 4 Exciting Performances at Eurovision, 2022

The Eurovision 2022 event saw several other colorful performances. We compiled the best 4.

Euphoria by Loreen (Sweden)Loreen impressed the audience with a Kate Bush dance style. Coffetti joined the bridge with an electrifying dance. 

The performance earned douze points from 18 countries. 

It’s the maximum anyone has ever had in the country’s history. 

It soon became a global sensation, reaching the top 3 in the UK. 

It’s currently the most downloaded Eurovision 2022 track.

  1. Rise Like a Phoenix by Conchista Wurst (Austria)

Conchista Wurst’s performance was one of the most entries. 

A powerful ballad that would pass for the soundtrack in a thriller.

The performance combined fire and lighting display. And the powerful voice of an elegant-looking Conchista.

  1. Making your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz (UK)

Bucks Fizz’s costume gave the stage a colorful look. The simultaneous dancing steps, and hand claps, made the crowd go wild. 

They also made other bizarre performances that wowed the crowd. 

And gave their overall presentation a spot in history.

  1. Ne Pertez Pas Sans Moi by Celine Dion (Switzerland)

Celine Dion’s previous successes would have given Switzerland the first spot on Eurovision 2022. But the jury made their decisions solely from the presentations at the event.

Dion performance lacked the excitement attached to the rest of the winning entries. Regardless, her presentation was impressive. Her vocals summarily gave Switzerland a good win at the Eurovision song contest 2022.

 Eurovision 2022 is Ukraine’s Third Victory Since 2003

Eurovision 2022 is Ukraine’s third win. The first time they won was in 2004 with the ‘Wild Dances’ song. Ruslana performed the song at the time. 

The second victory was in 2014 with the hit song, 1944, by Jamala.

Did Ukraine Win Eurovision Because of Russia?

It is possible that Ukraine won Eurovision 2022 because of sympathy from Russian invasion.

Their Stefania entry came fourth before the massive voting support from the public.

Russia’s exclusion by organizers is enough indication that the continent fully supports Ukraine. Hence the victory.

Vladimir Putin of Russia explained that the reason for invading Ukraine was to eliminate Nazi influence. He also mentioned the need to demilitarise the country. 

The invasion has taken the lives of thousands and rendered millions homeless.

Traditionally, the winning country would have to host the next Eurovision. With their victory, all roads lead to Ukraine in 2023!

An excited Ukrainian President took to Instagram to express his joy.

“Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe!” 

He promised that Ukraine will do their best to host the show next year.

Referring to the Russian invasion, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that victory is near.

“Glory to Ukraine,” he added.

May 2023 is the next Eurovision date. The 66th Eurovision song contest, 2022 took place on Saturday, 14th May in Turin, Italy. 


The 66th Eurovision song contest took place on Saturday, 14th May in Turin, Italy. 25 countries participated in total. Ukraine won the song contest with its Stefania entry. Their victory means they’ll host the next contest in May, 2023. 

Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision 2022 with their Stefania entry. They pulled the heartstrings of the public with touching lyrics alluding to the war…

Renee Stephens

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