MAINE COON PRICE: What will it Cost to Purchase a Maine Coon

Maine Coon kittens

Before you choose to bring home a Maine coon cat, it’ll be essential to find out if you can truly afford one. Mind you, the respective cost of a Maine coon cat varies greatly, depending on various factors like the cat’s age and breeder, amongst others. 

Let’s have a breakdown of the various possible price of Maine coon cats and the various factors affecting the cost of a Maine coon cat.


Cats From A Shelter

Though it’s very rare, you can actually find a Maine coon cat at a shelter. The greatest advantage of adopting a Maine coon cat from a shelter is that they are less expensive. Many shelters charge a cat or kitten between $100 and $250. This price also includes microchips, vaccination, and spaying/ neutering. 

Kittens From A Breeder

To most people, watching your cat grow up from a young age is essential. This creates a strong, unbreakable bond that lasts. Aside from this, getting a Maine coon kitten from a breeder gives you the benefit of picking a name for your kitten. But they, however, tend to be much more expensive than cats from a shelter or adult cats. They generally cost between $600 and $1,500. 

Adult cats from a breeder

When considering the cost of cats, adult cats tend to be less expensive than kittens from a breeder. This is because they’ve been named and conditioned already. For an adult Maine coon from a breeder, you can purchase them for about $400 and $600.

Show quality cats

Show quality cats need to meet certain requirements to compete. Due to this, getting a cat that’s high quality to compete in a show will cost more money. Cats in this class cost between $1000 and $2000.

Different Factors Affecting The Cost Of Maine Coon Cat

Some potential Maine coon owners are surprised to discover how the cost of a Maine coon cat can vary. However, there are a lot of reasons behind the various price differences. Let’s look at these factors that can affect the overall cost of a Maine coon cat.


The cat’s age is a major factor to consider when discussing the price. Kittens are normally highly coveted and expensive. Adult cats tend to cost slightly less, while senior cats are less expensive, especially when suffering from health issues.

Maine Coon cat

Pedigree Status

The pedigree status of a Maine coon also makes a huge impact on its price. The price will be reduced if the feline’s lineage has ancestors that aren’t pure-blooded Maine coon. However, the price will be high if the cat’s lineage consists of high-quality show cats.


The health of the Maine coon is also a huge factor in determining the cost. A breeder will charge more for a healthy Maine coon cat, but, mind you, not every kitten is born perfectly healthy. Breeders will, however, charge a lower price for Maine coon suffering from genetic disorders, blindness, deafness, or disability. 

Color and pattern of the cat

The coloration and pattern of the Maine coon can also impact its price. Rare silver or gold smoke Maine coon will cost much more than standard black or brown tabbies.

What is the Cost of Maine Coon Kittens?

Though many feline owners prefer to bring home a kitten instead of an adult cat, it’s important to note that Maine Coon kittens are much more expensive. Not only the price attached but other expenses need to be considered, too, as young kittens will need more deworming and vaccination. They’ll need a good amount of toys too. In addition, kittens are more difficult to cuter as they’ll require much of your time and energy in teaching them not to poop everywhere, steal your food, chew on shoes, or jump on the table.  

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