Queen Elizabeth II: Rare Appearance At Star-Studded Jubilee Show, Ahead of June 2 Birthday


7 Facts You Don’t Know About Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II was all smiles as she stepped out for the star-studded event. She entered the Windsor Horse show in a range rover. Two royal police officers assisted her out of the car amidst loud cheers from the crowd.

The nonagenarian looked pretty in a pale blue dress. She also had a grey shawl, and silver stud earring.

The 96-year-old monarch also had her favorite black bag.

Famous stars like Tom Cruise, Katherine Jenkins, Gregory Peters, and Hellen Mirren were at the event.

“She’s just a woman that I greatly admire.

“I think she’s someone who has tremendous dignity and I admire her devotion.

What she’s accomplished has been historic,” said Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise was one of the entertainers at the event. He announced a display of the Royal Horse Artillery. Hellen Mirren acted as Queen Elizabeth II in a theatrical performance. Katherine Jenkins sang beautifully at the ceremony.

Due to doctors’ rest advice, she barely attends public events. She missed the Parliament speech last week, preferring to work remotely.

But Queen Elizabeth II has never missed a horse show since it started 79 years ago. It shows her passion for horse racing.

Oman’s Royal Calvary in Honour of Queen Elizabeth II

Troops from Oman were at the event to honor the Queen. Impressed by their expert horsemanship performance, she applauded.

Traditional displays included some horses lying midway near their trainers.

Bahrain’s King Amad had a personal invite for the meeting but was absent. His absence was because of UAE Sheikh Khalifa’s death on Friday.

The crowd felt his presence though. The Bahrain defense and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police escorted the Queen. They followed her Arena to Windsor Castle.

So what’s next?

June 2, Trooping the Colour in Honour of Queen Elizabeth II

The horse show commensurated her 70-year reign as Queen of England. It will kick-start the four-day platinum jubilee ceremony. ‘Trooping the Colour’ on June 2 begins the ceremony.

What’s trooping the color? And what does it have to do with the Queen?

The Queen can celebrate her birthday twice, thanks to ‘trooping the color’. April 21st was the Queen’s original and private birthday celebration.

June 2 (Trooping the Colour Day) is her official birthday.

The event involves a ceremonial parade by regiments of the British army.

The ceremony dates back to King George II’s reign.

On 1784, he merged his birthday with the yearly march. It has become a norm since then.

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Timetable

  1. June 2 (Thursday)

Trooping the Colour and the Queen’s birthday parade.

  • June 3 (Friday)

National Thanksgiving Service, Saint Paul.

  • June 4 (Saturday)

The Derby Stakes or Epsom Derby horse race.

  • June 5 (Sunday)

Street parties, Jubilee lunch, beauty pageant, etc.

7 Facts You Don’t Know About Queen Elizabeth II

Do you know enough about the Queen of England? Here are some facts about her:

  1. The Longest Living Monarch

Queen Elizabeth is the longest-living monarch. She is currently 96 years old and has served for 70 years.

Here’s a timeline of other English Queens.

Queen Mary II and King Williams ruled for only six years (1688-1694).

Queen Anne was on the throne for only twelve years (1702-1714).

Compared to the rest, Queen Victoria’s reign was long enough.

She ruled for sixty-four years (1837-1901).

The current Monarch has ruled since 1953.

  • Her sense of humor

The Queen has a great sense of humor beneath her permanent scowl. Her dead-pan British one-liners are funny, especially because of her status.

Prince Williams probably got his sense of humor from the Queen.

  • She loves being Queen

She loves her queenly role and is always enthusiastic about her duties. She’s not a mere symbol signing paper for politicians. She likes to know what is going on.

  • She recently recovered from Covid-19

The Queen was isolated for over a week until her recovery. In March, she spent some fun time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Daily Mail reports the fun time happened during a family reunion at Windsor Castle.

  • Her Optimistic Approach to Life

Family issues do not affect her Queenly personality. She’s always calm.

  • The Movie, ‘the Crown’ is a Wrong Portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II

According to a royal biographer, Robert Handman, ‘the Crown’ portrayed her in a negative light.

  • She’s the Opposite of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was constantly nostalgic, unlike Queen Elizabeth who prefers to live in the present.

Parliament Speech: Is Queen Elizabeth II Preparing Her Son For the Throne Already?

On Sunday, June 15, Prince Charles represented the Queen at the Parliament.

It was the third in 70 years that the Queen would miss the ceremony. The first time was in 1959 and the second time was in 1963. Once, she had the Lord Counsellor read it in her absence. This time, she insisted their apparent delivered her speech. It was part of a grand plan to prepare him for the throne. And make the transition easy.

Prince Charles who looked nervous was wearing an admiral’s uniform.

He stared at his mother’s crown emotionally before representing the Queen.

Usually, the Queen would read the speech with the most formal tone she can muster. She does that to avoid giving off any vibe (disapproval or approval).

Her son also did the same thing on Tuesday. He used pronouns that reflect the queen’s absence though.

We’ll certainly see more of Queen Elizabeth II in the coming days.


Queen Elizabeth II was at the Windsor Horseshow. Famous stars and world leaders were at the event that featured several horse performances. The Golden Platinum Jubilee will start from June 2nd to 6th. The Queen unlike most monarchs has a wicked sense of humor. There are six other things most people don’t know about her. Find out what they are!

Queen Elizabeth II has never missed a horse show since it started 79 years ago. Find out her reaction to Oman’s horse Calvary. Here are seven things you don’t know about the queen.

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