Sub-Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting Steps For Warm Refrigerator & Frost Issue

Sub-Zero refrigerator troubleshooting
Sub-Zero refrigerator troubleshooting

Today, you can’t mention the best refrigerator brands in the United States without talking about Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero refrigerators are widely popular across the country because they pack amazing features and refrigeration technologies. For instance, the newest models of Sub-Zero appliances are designed to feature a microbial water filter, which helps to remove suspended particles, viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants, giving you superior water purification.

As high-quality & high-performing as Sub-Zero refrigerators are, you need to understand they also have their issues. If you’re currently experiencing an issue with your device, the best you can do is to hire a Sub-Zero certified technician, such as Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, to inspect and repair the appliance. However, before you hire a technician, you may want to perform some simple Sub-Zero refrigerator troubleshooting steps on your appliance to find out exactly what is wrong with it.

1. Frost Issue

Did you recently notice that your refrigerator has frosted up around its cooling element? If yes, then this is certainly something you need to be worried about. That’s so because frost issues can always affect your appliance’s cooling performance, causing the motor to overwork due to too much pressure. Another setback of this frost problem is that it tends to take up so much internal space in your appliance, leaving you with less space to store your food.

Below are some Sub-Zero refrigerator troubleshooting steps you need to consider before calling a technician:

  • Check and be sure the refrigerator’s door hasn’t been accidentally left open for a while. Not properly closing your refrigerator’s door will most certainly cause moist air to penetrate the appliance. Unfortunately, moist air can always form ice if it finds its way into your Sub-Zero refrigerator.
  • Another Sub-Zero refrigerator troubleshootingstep you need to take is to check the seal and be sure it’s not missing or damaged. If any of these things happen, moist air can penetrate your appliance and condense to form ice around the cooling element.


2. Warm Refrigerator Issue

Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator currently warm? If yes, you need to understand that a couple of factors can always make your appliance misbehave this way.

  • For instance, you’ll certainly encounter this issue if the refrigerator’s fan is not working actively.
  • Broken or damaged door seals can also cause this warm refrigerator problem.
  • This problem is also likely to surface if the available thermostat is faulty.
  • You can also experience warm refrigerator issues if there is a compressor, condenser, or evaporator problem.

Regardless of what may be wrong with your appliance, below are a few Sub-Zero refrigerator troubleshooting steps you need to take:

  • If the appliance is new, check and be sure that its door seals properly. If your refrigerator’s door has an alarm, ensure to turn it on to get notified of any accidental opening.
  • Also, you need to check and be sure the appliance is not in showroom mode. To do this, get the refrigerator’s user manual to fix this problem accordingly.
  • If your appliance is old, you need to ask and be sure it has been cleaned in the last 6 months. If not, you need to clean the condenser appropriately.
  • How many sections of the appliance are not cooling? You need an answer to this question to know exactly where to check and service – if the need arises.

Hire a Sub-Zero-Certified Technician Today

After performing all the aforementioned Sub-Zero refrigerator troubleshooting steps, is your appliance still experiencing the frost problem or warm issue? If yes, we advise that you hire a Sub-Zero-certified repairer, such as Wilshire Refrigerator & Appliance. This company has a team of repair experts who will help diagnose and repair the Sub-Zero refrigerator based on the cause of its issue.

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