Have you ever thought of how you relate to money?

Have you kept a journal on your money story since you were young?

What is your view about money?

The perspective you have about money will shape the relationship you have with money in your life.

Do you have a fear of taking a money-related risk?

Working for the government in the civil service, you are always comfortable that you will have a salary at the end of every month. You may find that you cannot venture into other businesses as a teacher, doctor, or government officer.

Your fear of risking the money you earn in your salary may limit you from starting a business. You may fear not succeeding in business and other high-risk investments.

Do you limit your needs so that you can save for the future?

When you want to purchase something, you might not do it. The reason is that you might have grown knowing that you have to limit yourself before making any purchase.

You have grown up thinking limiting yourself is the right decision to make and avoid overspending. You get the discipline of minimizing the money you spend on yourself all your life.

Is money a symbol of pride to you?

A lot of people take money as a symbol of pride. 

You find that you take the money earned and put it in the bank to have a fat bank account. You believe that money should be made and then saved in a bank account for future use.

You don’t spend money on things that make you happy as this will only seem like a waste.

You have become an expert in the art of controlling your needs. 

Money in your account you believe is your source of pride.

How did the people around you treat money?

If you grew up seeing your parents not spending money, you would be like them. Parents always dedicate their life earning money to cater to their children’s needs. However, the money earned is only for basic needs, and the rest is saved for the future. Parents believe saving for their children’s future is the right choice. 

If you grow up in this environment, you learn to live without doing your hobbies as long as they involve using money. This becomes integrated into your brain even in adulthood.


The view you have about money largely depends on the above factors.

Fear of risking money on business ideas will control you if you never saw someone investing. The people around you used to play safe with the money.

If you grew up knowing that you have to limit your needs, that becomes your habit. You avoid spending on your hobbies and things that make you happy.

When you grow up with so little money, you respect the people in the society with money. You will get to see money as a symbol of authority and pride. Immediately you start earning, and you get on a mission of saving to have a lot of money in your bank account.


Renee Stephens

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