Here comes summer, so it’s time to bring out your assortment of warm weather pieces, and here is an upside, most, if not all, sartorial options are happily embraced so long as they are breathable.


Dressing up for summer can be effortless when you know your style and understand which pieces best achieve your desired summer style. With an abundance of fashion moments to be experienced, summer pants, shorts, slick sandals, and short-sleeved breathable shirts are absolute wardrobe-essentials.


As much as summer style can be a breeze for many, it sometimes becomes a challenge styling our lower part. Some guys struggle with exposing their legs, or maybe they just don’t like the feel of the wind on their hairy legs. This means that shorts are excluded from the equation. This then begs the question, what is the best alternative wear to shorts that extends and completes your unique summer style?


We know that jeans are sometimes imporous for summer, and sweatpants have gained popularity that you cannot count five guys without one fitting a pair during summer. Fortunately, however, with fabric options like linen, among other light and breathable fabrics, you never have to sacrifice style for comfort.


So, if shorts are not your ideal summer style, here are seven of the best alternative pants for summer to keep your summer style groove going.


  1. Linen Pants.

It makes sense that this would be our first pick considering the infamous white variety that can be spotted all over the city every summer.


Tailored from breathable, lightweight, and skin-friendly fabric, these pants will have you cooled and relaxed in the summer heat.


With multiple colors to complement your style, you never have to bend your look to pull off the white variety.


The linen fabric used in these fabrics is famous for absorbing five times more moisture without appearing damp. This is why they are best preferred for summer garments.


For an athletic physique, consider the linen blend from banana Republic Factory that can be completed as casual or smart casual wear.

  1. White Chinos.

J Crew white chinos.


Whether you like chinos as a casual or smart casual wear attire, these white chinos are guaranteed to exempt you from the stuffiness of regular chino wear.


To sharpen your look, consider pairing these white chinos with a floral shirt for a refined and effortlessly chic appearance.


  1. Pleated Pants.

Alex Mill pleated pants

Traditionally accepted as formal wear, these pleated pants are making a comeback today as one of the best all-purpose and fashionable warm-weather wardrobe-essentials.


If you are one to put some thought and effort into your summer look, aspire to get these pleated pants. Their famous folds (pleats) along the waistline give them an edgy vintage look perfect for any outdoor or office wear.


Avoid a situation where pants cling to your body during the warm weather. These pleated pants from Alex Mill are 98% cotton and are roomy enough for comfort.


  1. Drawstring Waist Pants.

Linen blend pair from Perry Elis.


Summer style rules and especially when it comes to pants.

Reach for the elastic waistline when a drawstring waist appears too casual for you or when button-ups feel too much in the summer heat.


The drawstring waist pants are Ideal for warm weather. The button front maintains a polished feel while the comfortable stretch prevents you from sweating and pulling at your waistband in times that call for a smarter appearance.


For a more fashionable summer look appearance, consider a slightly loose size for your legs and a lighter tone that can be paired with a trendy t-shirt.


  1. Light Joggers.

For anyone into a sporty summer look but isn’t into regular sweatpants, consider these light joggers from Uniqlo.


Deftly tailored to retain the casual look you need in the summer and with skin-friendly fabric, these pants are ideal for anyone concerned with a little sweating during the day. They are perfect for an active summer day as they are wide-legged, loose, and light to ensure comfort when moving.


  1.   The 5 Pocket Tech Pants

Designed for easy movement and high-performance activities, these cotton pants from lululemon look and feel like jeans without the heavy and constricting element of jeans.


For an in-style summer look, check out these pants in an elastane, right height, and pair them with a trendy t-shirt to give it a modern, stylish, classic look.

  1. Stripped Jeans.

Who doesn’t like stripes?


If you want to inject a splash of freshness into your summer style, these striped French Linen pants from Alex crane are the way to go.

The best thing about summer style is that any sartorial option is acceptable. Therefore, if you have been looking for an opportunity to dabble in a more daring fashion statement, here is your chance.


What’s even better is that these striped pants are not only ideal for your summer style as they can be perfect for spring and the winter season. And yes, they are easy to pair up, provided you are not scared to be a little more daring and unique.


So, take this opportunity and spice up your everyday staples with these striped pants.

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