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The House of Commons is considered a “lower house” of Parliament because it does not have the power to pass laws that would directly affect the government of the United Kingdom as the House of Lords does. It is a directly elected chamber, with members being elected by first-past-the-post voting. 

The first meeting of the House of Commons was on the 26th of March, 1655. The first sitting of the House of Commons was on the 3rd of May, 1655. 

The first instance of a bill being passed by the House of Commons was on the 12th of June, 1665. 

The first female MP was Caroline Johnson, who was elected as the MP for Coventry at the general election of 1685. 

House of the Commons Speaker

The House of Commons is the lower house and major chamber of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. 

The House of Commons is presided over by the House of Commons Speaker, who serves as its top officer and supreme authority. 

After John Bercow announced his intention to step down as Speaker of the House of Commons on the 4th of November, 2019, Sir Lindsay Hoyle was chosen to take up the role. 

The 17th of December, 2019, marked the beginning of Hoyle’s first full legislative term on the job. Following the general election in 2019, Lindsay was re-elected by an overwhelming majority.

The Speaker holds power over the discussions that take place in the house and decides which members are allowed to speak as well as whose proposals are taken into consideration. 

The house of the common Speaker is also accountable for ensuring discipline during the course of the discussion and has the authority to impose sanctions on members of the house who violate the rules of the chamber. When they take office, members of the House of Representatives are required to maintain a rigorous non-partisan stance and to reject any previous membership with political parties.

The house of the common Speaker does not participate in the discussion or vote. 

In addition to the responsibilities associated with serving as the head of the house, the Speaker is also responsible for a variety of legal and operational tasks. 

In addition to this, they continue to serve as a Member of Parliament (MP) for their respective district, the House of Lords, and any other relevant authorities. It is both the right and the responsibility of the Speaker to live in the Speaker’s House, which is located in the Palace of Westminster.

House of the commons live.

Members of the public can stream the house of the Commons meeting live online. 

The Visitors’ Gallery, which was formerly called the Strangers’ Gallery, is a section of the House of Commons that is reserved for the public. Its purpose is to allow members of the public to observe the activities that take place within the House of the Commons.

House of the commons jobs

The House of the Commons is a parliamentary body in the United Kingdom that is responsible for the passage of laws. 

The House of Commons has up to 650 members, who are known as Members of Parliament (MPs). Each MP represents a constituency in England and Wales. 

The House of Commons meets in the Palace of Westminster, which is also the seat of the British government. 

The House of Commons first met in 1560, when the Parliament of England was first convened.

The House of Commons is the second oldest surviving Parliament in the world after the French National Assembly. 

The House of Commons has been in session continuously since its foundation in 1560. The current composition of the House of Commons was first introduced in the 1960s. 

Here’re are some of the House of Commons jobs

  1. Speaker
  2. Head of Financial Planning and Analysis
  3. Customer services Director
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Information Management Assistant
  6. Senior Media Relations Officer
  7. Information Rights Officer
  8. Barista
  9. Managing Director, Research and Information
  10. Legal Adviser

House of the commons library

The House of Commons Library is a special resource of information for the Chamber of Commons, which is the lower house of the British Parliament. It was founded in 1818, but its actual building, which was built in 1828, was demolished when Parliament caught fire in 1834.

The house and its members may utilize four essential services provided by the Library:

1. A private inquiry service for parliament members and the people working for them, covering all topics of importance to Parliament.

2. Briefings for the House of Commons and its members, including the normal activities of the house as well as additional subjects of relevance to Parliament.

3. Members of Parliament go to the library to check information sources, have conversations, and rest in addition to using it as a place for debate and discussion.

4. Instruction and direction in the use of facts, especially with regard to the use of online resources and library services.

House of the commons logo

The House of the Commons logo is given below:

House of the Commons order paper

The Order Paper is the agenda for business in the House of Commons on a given day. It lists the items of business to be considered in the order in which they are to be taken. The Order Paper is also known as the Notice Paper.

The first item on the Order Paper is always Questions to the Prime Minister. This is followed by Ministerial Statements if any have been announced. After that, the day’s main business is listed. This will typically include debates on Bills, Motions, and Grand Committees. 

The Order Paper also lists other items of business such as Petitions, Private Members’ Business, and Notices of Motions.

The Order Paper is published every day the House is sitting, except Saturdays. It is usually published around midday but may be published earlier on days when the House is sitting early.

The Order Paper is subject to change right up to the moment when the House begins its sitting for the day. 

House of the commons address

The address for the House of Commons is 1 Kings Cross Street, London, England. It is the headquarters of the British government and is the largest building in London.


Do you know that the House of the Commons today is responsible for so many things in the UK?

Some of the things that they are responsible for are the defense and foreign policy of the United Kingdom, as well as the passing of bills within the United Kingdom’s parliament. 

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