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What are independents in politics?

Independents in politics refer to those not associated with any political party or bureaucratic association.

Thus, independent politicians are politicians who are not a member of a political party.

There are many types of independent politicians, but some are more common than others. These politicians are not necessarily political insiders but instead, have a different set of priorities and views from the mainstream. 

These independent politicians may not have relationships with either the government or the opposition or have the luxury of being able to fundraise or spend time in the media. 

However, they are often more vocal about their views and maybe more in tune with the public than many of their colleagues in the government.

Independent Politicians in office

This section will provide the list of politicians in the UK, Australia, Tasmania, Ireland, and India, who are independent.

Independent Politicians in the UK

There are many independents in the UK, but some notable politicians who are not part of either the Labour or Conservative parties are:

1. Owen Smith, the current MP for Sheffield Hallam

2. Caroline Lucas, the MP for London Assembly

3. Neil Kinnock, the former MP for Labour Party leader

4. Owen Paterson, the current Minister for Energy and Climate Change

5. Graeme Smith, the MP for Newark and Wealden

6. Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland

7. Jeremy Corbyn, the current MP for Labour Party leader

8. Maria Eagle, the MP for North East Hampshire

Independent Politicians in Australia

Independent politicians in Australia are a powerful and influential group of politicians who have chosen to run as independents. This choice can be seen as a way to voice their opinion on a variety of political topics and to stand out from the pack.

Some of the most famous Independent MPs in Australia are: 

  • Cathy McGowan 
  • Zali Steggall 
  • Malcolm Turnbull 
  • Bob Day, Kerryn Phelps 
  • Barnaby Joyce 
  • Alexander Paterson
  • James Wilkinson
  • Sir John Quick
  • Agar Wynne
  • Sydney Sampson
  • Frederick Francis
  • William Watson
  • William McWilliams
  • George Maxwell        

They all have experience in politics and have stood in various elections, both as candidates and as members of the parliament. Their independent status has also given them the ability to speak out on various political issues, which can be very helpful in the Australian parliament.

Overall, independent politicians in Australia are a very influential and powerful group of politicians who can speak out on various political issues. They are also well-respected by their colleagues and the public, which can be a big advantage in the Australian parliament.

Tasmanian independent Politicians

There are a number of Tasmanian independent politicians who have played a significant role in Tasmanian politics over the years. Some of the more notable figures include the current Premier of Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie, as well as former state MPs and Ministers.

Here’re are the names of Tasmanian independent Politicians

  • Ray Bailey
  • Henry Baker
  • George Becker
  • Albert Bendall
  • Charles Best 
  • Louis Bisdee
  • Frank Bond 
  • Harry Braid
  • Alby Broadly
  • Russell Anderson 
  • Compton Archer
  • Dick Archer
  • Rosemary Armitage
  • Vivek Raghunath Pandit
  • Sebastian Paul
  • Rajendra Kumar Poddar
  • Varthur Prakash

Famous Independent politicians in Ireland

There are a number of independent politicians in Ireland who are elected on their behalf and not as part of any political party. They may be from various political parties, but all have a focus on running their own individual constituency and ensuring that their policies are heard and respected by the public.

Here’s the list of the top 20 Famous independent Politicians in Ireland

  • Cathal Berry
  • Tom Fleming
  • Victor Boyhan
  • John Murphy
  • John Robb
  • A.P. Byrne
  • Bryan Cooper
  • Eileen Costello
  • Joe Behan
  • Mattie McGrath
  • Sean Canney
  • John Leahy
  • Thomas Condon
  • Thomas Delany
  • Ken Smollen
  • Matt Shanahan
  • Verona Murphy
  • Rotimi Adebari
  • Joe Sheridan 
  • Brian Cowen

Independent Politicians in India

In India, numerous independent politicians are fighting for the people’s rights and interests. 

They are often elected to office on the basis of their political beliefs and not on the basis of their financial stability or popularity. These politicians are often vocal opponents of the government, and they often work to make sure that the people of India have a voice and are heard.

Here’re are the top famous independent politicians in India

  • Chakat Aboh
  • Anil Ambani
  • P. Angalane
  • M. Appavu
  • Arvind Chandrakant Patil
  • Pralhad Keshav Atre
  • S. M. Banerjee
  • Uday Bhembre
  • Ajit Kumar Bhuyan
  • Anil Sukhdevrao Bonde
  • Bachchu Kadu
  • Sanjay Kakade
  • K. Kannaiyan
  • Alphons Kannanthanam
  • Navneet Kaur Rana

Independent Federal Politicians

There are various types of independent federal politicians. Examples include, but are not limited to: commissioners, justices of the peace, mayors, and city councilors. Each type of politician has different powers and responsibilities.

Citizens elect commissioners. They are responsible for making decisions on a variety of issues within their jurisdiction.

Justices of the peace are elected by their city or town citizens, and they are responsible for making decisions on small issues within their city or town.

Mayors are elected by the citizens of their city or town, and they are responsible for making decisions on various issues within their city or town.

Victorian independent Politicians

Many Victorians thought that independent politicians were the best way to direct the country. This was because independent politicians were not subject to the control of one party or the influence of one individual. This made them to be honest and fair, and they could take the necessary steps to ensure the best interests of the people of their country.

  • Albert Allnutt
  • Dianne Hadden
  • Martin Hannah
  • Carolyn Hirsh
  • Frederick Holden
  • Leslie Hollins
  • Thomas Hollway
  • Susan Davies
  • Harley Dickinson
  • Rod Mackenzie
  • Edwin Mackrell
  • Hugh MacLeod 
  • Thomas Maltby
  • James McLachlan


Most politicians have political ideologies that are incompatible with the beliefs of any of the major political parties, and as a result, they decide not to associate themselves with any of those parties. Some independent politicians may have connections with a political party, such as having served as party members in the past or holding beliefs that are consistent with those of the party. Still, they decide not to run for office under that party’s name. Hope this blog was helpful?

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