What are the advantages of using disposable plates, glasses, and cutlery?

disposable plates
disposable plates

A study shows a family spends the equivalent of three bathtubs on water just by washing the dishes by hand for one day. Now, add this waste of water to the laziness caused by washing dishes and other utensils after eating. Do you feel identified? Read on to learn why you should be using disposable utensils from now on and where to buy sustainable products.

The importance of disposable utensils

Those who are used to eating out during the workday will know very well what we are talking about. Surely many of them will perfectly understand the phrase “food in a Tupperware does not taste the same.”


Some companies have chosen to equip their kitchens with dishes and cutlery to make the routine of workers more pleasant. Even so, the half-hour available to eat is not enough if, in addition, you also have to wash the dishes.

disposable plates

disposable plates

The halfway point between the hated Tupperware and the hassle of having to wash up is single-use utensils. In other words, disposable plates, forks, teaspoons, or glasses, are to be used and thrown away. Do you want to know some of the eco-friendly home products advantages?

Advantages of using disposable utensils

Disposable containers such as plates and glasses are very common during parties, meetings, graduations, and other social events. Due to the multiple advantages they offer, they have become the best allies of fun, which we detail below:

  1. They are hygienic and provide extra safety for our health. Since they are released, they are used, and, in case they are contaminated, the thing would not happen to majors since we throw them directly.
  2.  They allow savings in terms of water and cleaning chemicals.
  3. It exempts from responsibilities and possible conflicts since nobody has to assume the task of cleaning and putting away the dishes.

Other advantages of disposable packaging

  • Suitable for all types of food: No matter what you have planned to serve your guests, the disposable container is ideal for all kinds of food and beverages.
  • Diversity of models: Eco Bunny Store offers you a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from at reasonable prices. All you need to get the plates and bowls set is to make purchases at our web store.
  • All our eco-friendly home products have an ergonomic design and are highly resistant, saving water, detergent, and energy.
  • Absolute hygiene and safety: Our sustainable products are made to guarantee the correct handling of your food and drinks.
  • Easy to separate: This allows the rest of the cleaning operation to be done quickly and efficiently.
  • Eliminates laundry hassles: All you need to do is just pick them up and send them away for waste management recycling.
  • Profitability: The cost of these disposable products is ideal for large-scale events.
  • Highly resistant: this product is highly resistant to heat.
  • Safe handling: The use of industrial containers does not represent any risk to people.
eco-friendly home products

eco-friendly home products

As you can see, the advantages range from the convenience they offer to the accessibility of the products. At Eco Bunny Store, we offer a wide variety of disposable containers to meet your needs.


We have a complete line of disposable containers from foam cups, plastic cups, disposable plates, plastic plates, plastic cutlery, and foam trays. For more information, contact us through our website to get all your biodegradable products.

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